Boko Haram Allegedly Violates Ceasefire Agreement

It would be recalled that Nigeria’s Armed forces’ Chief Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh announced the ceasefire agreement on Thursday night.

On Saturday, two senior government sources said the ceasefire agreement aims to secure the release of abducted Chibok girls as early as Monday or Tuesday, declining to give further details.

On Friday night, however, alleged Boko Haram militants wreaked chaos in the village of Abadam, near Niger, killing at least one person and ransacking homes.

Another assault on the village of Dzur on Saturday morning left at least eight people dead.

Three other attacks in Michika local government area, Adamawa State, on Saturday killed dozens of people, witnesses and a local politician report to the Reuters and CNN news agencies.

The unidentified hoodlums suspected to be members of Boko Haram terrorist cell also have kidnapped a number of villagers.

As security sources confirm the attack, the government doubts if the attacks really were carried out by Boko Haram.

The authorities indicate that it could have been one of several criminal groups that are exploiting the chaos of the insurgency.

According to government spokesman Mike Omeri, who was interviewed by Reuters, Boko Haram representatives also deny involvement in the attacks.


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