Super Eagles Can Still Qualify For AFCON 2015? Whats Your Say On This?

Super Eagles Can Still Qualify For AFCON 2015? Whats Your Say On This?

First of all NFF should sack Keshi with immediate effect and replace him with someone that can handle the team better.Keshi is a good coach no doubt but he is very stubborn and too sentimental towards his players and he has darely paid for it.

* S/Africa – 7 pts
* Congo – 6 pts
* Sudan – 3 pts
* Nigeria – 1 pts

If South Africa shuld beat Congo on wed in their home, they will hv 10 pts and Congo will remain with 6 pts.

A draw will see them be on 8 pts and 7 pts respectively, Congo beating South Africa which is not likely to happen.

Nigeria will beat Sudan with another coach, (Not Keshi) And they will be on 4 pts and Sudan will remain on 3pts and hopefully a draw or loss not definitely going to happen again, Anyway thats our prayer sha!

Then our next match will be away to play Congo. Lets assume Congo loses or plays a draw against S/Africa. Then they will still be on 6pts or 7pts and Nigeria on 4pts.For us to beat them, the interim coach shuld call back players like Martins, Ike Uche, Sunday Mba, Ogbeche, Bright Dike if possible bring bck all our best legs.

Believe me we re going to trash Congo, then we will hv 7pts with good goal difference.Authomatically we would be second on the table. S/Africa and Sudan result is not our concern anymore, The same good players we gonna use to defeat Congo, we re going to use them again against S/Africa here in Nigeria as well. If we eventually beat S/Africa which i know is very possible with our strong attack and history against them, then we will hv 10 pts.

We’ll be second on the log with 10 pts behind S/Africa and we would hv qualified.

But first we need to pray for S/Africa to beat Congo on wed for us to have a chance


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